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Doula Services

My Doula services include a free initial meeting, where all your questions and concerns will be answered and we can determine if we are compatible. Once services have been sanctioned, I will schedule 2-3 prenatal visits to get acquaintedand prepare for your birth. We will discuss your preferences for labor support, pain control, interventions, and how I can help support your goals. Together I will review comfort measures, help you with writing a birth plan, and discuss postpartum expectations. It is during these interactions that we will get acquainted with one another. You will have access to my professional resources and lending library.I am always accessible by email and phone for any questions that arise.

During labor we will stay in contact until you are ready for me to meet you at your home, birth center, or hospital. I will provide continuous physical and emotional support throughout your labor, birth, and recovery. As doulas, we do not provide any medical care. I will be sensitive to the preferences and needs of you and your partner.I will remind you of your wishes and provide information so that you can make informed decisions, but I will not make decisions for you. I bring with me a wide range of knowledge and resources to assist you with your birth. Iwill provide help with breathing and relaxation, massage, position suggestions, encouragement, support for partner, and reassurance of normalcy. A few commonly used tools in our doula bags include massage oil, aromatherapy, massagers, and soothing music.

After your birth, I will stay for 1 - 2 hours and assist with establishing breastfeeding. I will contact you the following day to discuss your needs for a postpartum visit. I will be on call for 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after your due date. If you give birth outside that range,  I will make every effort to attend your birth. A back-up Doula will be provided if I am unable to attend.

Birth Doula Care   -- $650