At Birth Angel Doula Services, I believe what families need most is nurturing and gentle support. I believe that each labor and birth is a unique and miraculous experience and the emerging family is the center and focus of that experience. While the course of labor and birth is unpredictable, each family should be able to choose for themselves how they would like to respond to it - where they feel safe, who they want to deliver their baby, who else they want with them and whether they want to use pain medications and other medical interventions. It is my ultimate goal to support my clients in reaching their goals and not to try to persuade them to give birth in any particular way. It is not the doula’s job to influence a mother’s choice. The doula provides information so that the mother and her partner can make informed decisions regarding their options, as well as any risks, benefits and/or precautions.

During the postpartum period, my goal is to relieve the new mother of day to day responsibilities so that she is better rested and able to nurture and care for her baby. I do this by focusing on the mother's needs and helping both parents develop confidence in their parenting skills while demonstrating techniques in newborn care and feeding. I trust and empower parents to make decisions for their babies, and will help you get the information you need to make wise choices. It is always my goal to be helpful in a pleasant, appropriate and unobtrusive manner. I am respectful of the traditions, culture and values of my clients.

Birth Angel Doula Services truly believes that every woman that wants a doula should have one. Cost should not be a prohibitive factor; therefore, Birth Angel Doula Services works on a sliding fee scale for labor based upon the combined income of the mother and her partner (if applicable).